RS3 Quest Cape

If your reading this you are probaly trying to find information regarding the RS3 quest cape; Look no further we will give you a quick overview of the RS3 quest cape below. Keep in mind if you want us to do Runescape questing for you just visit – Now lets get started!

The minimum stats required to get an RS3 quest cape are:

Here is a list of the quests requiring each of the above stat(the highest allowed):

RS3 Quest Cape Item details:

The RS3 quest point cape is a Quest cape worn by all players who have completed all quests; at the time of writing this is a total of 418 quest points where every time a new RS3 quest is released; the quest cape is automatically unequip and placed into your inventory or bank if your inventory is full, and then can be reequip upon the new Runescape quest being completed. As of May 30th 2021 there were approximately 21,253 people able to wear the Runescape 3 quest cape; quite an achievement given how long Runescape 3 has been in existence. The RS3 quest cape IS able to be mounted inside your player lodge to showcase your RS3 questing achievements to all of your buddies!

The RS3 Quest cape Item stats are as follows;

The RS3 quest cape perk is quite useful depending on what your try get done;

The Quest point cape’s perk adds 30 seconds onto a players tears of guthix time within the minigame. Up to three perks of the capes of accomplishment can be added to the Runscape max cape, the Runescape quest cape perk being one of them. If you have any other questions about RS3 questing or the Runescape quest cape just stop by our 24/7 live-chat and we’ll be able to answer questions for you, even if you do not spend anything!